Current Lab Members

Erin Bray looking at the camera smiling
Erin Bray
Assistant Professor
Hydrology, Fluvial Geomorphology, River Systems
Nickolas Modar Grad Student smiling
Nicholas Modar
Graduate Student
Climate, Hydrology, River Temperature
Trent Sherman Grad Student looking at the camera while smiling
Trent Sherman
Graduate Student
Geology, River Systems Engineering
Matthew Cardona Undergrad and graduate student smiling
Matthew Cardona
Undergraduate Student & Graduate Student
Geology, Groundwater, Sediment
Eliz Ismailoglu Undergrad Senior smiling at the camera
Eliz Ismailoglu
Former Undergrad Senior Capstone
Lars Beeson Undergrad Senior smiling at the camera
Lars Beeson
Former Undergrad Senior Capstone